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Rose-Gold-Lust CZ Engagement Military TSAO Collection

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  • Albania
    Tereza F.: I love your products and wear them every day. You have the best prices and the best product assortment of fashion jewelry on the web! Thank you for all that you provide for companies like mine!
  • Wisconsin
    Barbara E.: I'm so excited! I came across your site and I was thrilled to see your gorgeous designs. I was looking for some rings and your rings are exactly what I had in mind; in fact, they’re even better. And I just wanted to say thank you for my rings. They look beautiful! They look even better in person than in the photos. When I took them out and saw them I said, "Praise the Lord!" Hehe. That's how beautiful they are.
  • WI
    Kirsten S.: THANK YOU! I love your company and appreciate your standard of quality VERY much!
  • New York
    Sam: Hi guys, I would like everyone to know how wonderful it is doing business with ALAMODE. Reliable company, professional team, great customer service, nice people to work with. And look at the prices! ALAMODE low prices absolutely don't reflect the quality of the product. The quality of their jewelry is excellent, I would rather say it is better than excellent, it is simply PERFECT, I am very impressed indeed. Doing business with Alamode I increased my sales greatly. My BIG thank-you to ALAMODE! Keep up the excellent standard and excellent work.
  • Albania
    Kaltrina: I recently ordered jewelry from your site and received them all in very good condition. Thank you very much!
  • Canada
    Katy: Thank you so much I received my order and I am very pleased.

Jewelry Design

This is how you begin a beautiful and glamorous journey into the world of charm, design and art with us. Here at Alamode Fashion Jewelry, we believe that top-notch designs are essential for creating jewelry. To present the latest and trendiest styles of jewelry and accessories, our talented and professional team of designers gets inspiration from various fields within art, technology, celebrities, up-and-coming trends and news in the fashion industry. No matter what styles you are looking for in this enchanting expedition from premier design, vintage, classic, chic, modern, artistic, casual, bold, punk rock, or even costume jewelry, we've got you covered!

Jewelry Manufacturers

With over 20 years of wholesale experience in supplying high quality fashion jewelry at great prices to buyers around the world, we have been being fully devoted to quality control when it comes to manufacturing our jewelry products. For lasting purpose, Alamode Fashion Jewelry provides nice finished jewelry made from genuine materials including stainless steel (Tusk 316), 925 sterling silver, brass, AAA grade cubic zirconia (CZ), top grade crystals, precious stones and more. If you have a personal unique style, we can make customized jewelry as well! You can send your design to us, and change the material, plating, stone type and color to your own liking, so long as it's feasible!

Jewelry Wholesale

We have a kaleidoscope of jewelry and accessories in our complete online catalog for you to choose from rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras and clutches to match with your colorful personality. Alamode Fashion Jewelry also provides the best prices on the market for our various collections of wholesale jewelry, including the Gold Lust Collection, Tsao Collection, Tusk Collection, Le Chocolat Collection, Voulu Collection, and much more! We carry a wide selection of men and women's designer-inspired wholesale jewelry, bridal jewelry, wedding jewelry and special occasion fashion jewelry is both durable and affordable, making it cost-efficient for those who want to look trendy without breaking the bank!

Jewelry Distributors

As one of the largest leading wholesale fashion jewelry suppliers on the market, our business partners feel strongly satisfied with our professional service and the large selection of products on our site. Alamode Fashion Jewelry is dedicated to servicing our customers, and we cater to all sorts of clients, ranging from local retailers across the U.S., online boutiques to worldwide network of jewelry importer and distributors including those in Canada, the UK, Mexico, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and More. We welcome you to become a new member of the Alamode community!



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