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Wholesale Costume Jewelry Manufacturers

Costume jewelry items have been popular fashion accessories for years, whether they're just for fun or a true fashion statement for day-to-day use. Several major manufacturers exist that offer great costume jewelry, but few can claim as wide a selection as Alamode Fashion Jewelry. We at Alamode Fashion Jewelry offer over 10,000 different costume jewelry pieces, from rings and necklaces to bracelets and charms.

For almost 30 years, Alamode Fashion Jewelry has been designing and crafting fine costume jewelry from scratch, in-house. Designers first develop the look and feel of each piece, then those designs are molded and produced by Alamode's own in-house manufacturer. Few other costume jewelry manufacturers have such intimate control over their own designs.

How Alamode Fashion Jewelry Manufactures Its Jewelry

Alamode Fashion Jewelry manufactures its products in several distinct steps. The first step entails developing the concept and look for each piece. We use computers to design our pieces in 3D, giving us the flexibility to tweak the pieces and make them perfect. Once each piece has been realized in 3D, the item is modeled by a craftsman using wax or another sculpting medium. From here, the jewelry is molded and crafted using the final materials.

What makes the costume jewelry from Alamode Fashion Jewelry even more special is its cost. Costume jewelry is typically far less expensive than traditional jewelry, and Alamode Fashion Jewelry is no different. You can easily find terrific pieces for a fraction of the cost of other types of jewelry. With Alamode Fashion Jewelry, all of your costume jewelry needs are a mouse click away.

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