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Wholesale Costume Jewelry Supplier

Whether you're a small retailer or a large distributor, you need a dependable wholesale supplier for your costume jewelry inventory. At Alamode Fashion Jewelry, we have over 10,000 designs available for your shopping pleasure. With our customizable options, you can offer your customers an unlimited amount of choices in quality costume jewelry. Our wholesale pricing is such that you can set your retail pricing for a profitable margin.

You must be licensed for resale before you can order from our wholesale supply store. You must place an order of at least six pieces per style, and your total cost in the United States has to be at least US$200 to qualify to order wholesale. If you are placing your order from an international location, you must have a minimum of $500USD per order. If you are ordering jewelry that comes in sizes, such as rings or necklaces, you can mix the sizes of the same product to qualify for the minimum, six-piece order. For customized orders, we request a minimum quantity of 24 pieces.

Discover a Wholesale Costume Jewelry Supplier

Supply your customers with a variety of choices from our costume jewelry creations. We have a selection for special occasions, such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day and Christmas. Keep your inventory of trendy costume jewelry full as you take advantage of our competitive wholesale pricing.

Give us a call if you need assistance in making application to buy wholesale. You only need to apply one time. As your supplier, we're available to make purchasing quick and easy.

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