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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributor

Wholesale fashion jewelry distributors are in the business of mass-producing goods for retailers to sell at a profit. In consideration of the bulk quantity of production and sales, distributors can offer prices that are far below what is charged at retail. We at Alamode Fashion Jewelry are a leader in producing wholesale fashion jewelry for distribution to resale shops around the world. Our worldwide market brings in a demand for about 500,000 pieces of jewelry each month.

We are a wholesale distributor for a wide range of jewelry products. Some of the styles we produce include Pave, military, cluster, free form, minimalist, bridal and nature. We offer color choices like champagne, olivine, hyacinth, Montana, smoky quartz, ruby and topaz. Stone types include cubic zirconia, Top Grade crystal, genuine nature, epoxy and synthetic. In addition to the fashion jewelry ready for distribution, we give you the option to customize many of our designs at affordable wholesale pricing.

Save Money with a Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Distributor

We make it easy for you to locate the products that will attract your customers. You can search our vast online catalog by category, finding rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, anklets and toe rings. In addition, you can narrow your search according to your preference of style, material, color, plating, stone type and price range.

If you need any assistance placing your order for our wholesale fashion jewelry, give us a call. Our customer-service representatives will gladly assist you by answering your questions about any of our products or services.

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