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Wholesale Fashion Necklaces

With several-hundred fashion necklaces at affordable wholesale pricing, we at Alamode Fashion Jewelry are your online source for keeping your display case full of trendy and classic necklace designs. In addition to the inventory you see online, we will also customize many of our jewelry items to your specific requests. Any of the necklaces that have the rotating ring on the display are available for customization.

Our inventory of necklaces includes many colors and designs, such as:

  1. Rose-colored stones to accentuate rose-gold plating over brass
  2. Black, synthetic stones on rhodium plating over brass
  3. Rose-colored, genuine-nature stones for long-lasting beauty at wholesale prices
  4. Trendy fashion necklaces, with multicolor, synthetic stones set in brass with gold-tone plating

Discover Our Affordable Wholesale Fashion Necklaces

Many of our fashionable necklaces are made with 925 sterling silver. In order to qualify to be identified as sterling silver, the metal must be a minimum of 92.5-percent silver, and the remaining portion is some type of alloy, making it stable and of a consistency that will hold the shape of jewelry. At Alamode Fashion Jewelry, we use either zinc or a lead-tin alloy.

If you have a resale license, you qualify to buy fashion necklaces at affordable rates. In addition to our already low prices, we offer wholesalers the benefit of volume discounts. When you order more, you save more. Since all we require for a minimum order is a total of $100USD, no business is too small to take advantage of our wholesale jewelry selections.

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