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Wholesale Gold Bracelets

Your customers can wear the look of real gold when you buy wholesale gold bracelets from us at Alamode Fashion Jewelry. Our gold tone plating involves a heavy process that makes it last much longer than the average gold plated bracelet. Every piece of jewelry that we offer our clients is handmade with the utmost attention to detail, and that includes the amount of plating that goes on each piece.

We use an 18K gold base for vermeil plating on our sterling silver bracelets. At least a 10K gold rating is required in order to be considered as vermeil. With the proper care, your customers can expect our gold jewelry to remain brilliant for many years. Avoiding harsh chemicals, such as cleaning solutions or yard-care products, is important in retaining the overall beauty of fashion bracelets.

Buy Wholesale Gold Bracelets in Large Quantities

When you compare our wholesale pricing with other wholesalers, make sure you are comparing the identical product quality and quantity. Acceptable minimum-order quantity and volume discounts can make a big difference in the total wholesale cost between suppliers. In addition, consider the continued availability of goods for your clients. We produce hundreds of thousands of pieces of jewelry every month to keep the majority of our inventory in stock.

Take time to fill out the application to purchase bracelets at wholesale prices from us at Alamode Fashion Jewelry. Allow time for us to verify the information and check business references before you place your order. Once you are approved, all you have to do is log in to your account and enter your order.

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