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Wholesale Jewelry Gift Boxes

At Alamode Fashion Jewelry, we have wholesale jewelry gift boxes for every piece of jewelry in our inventory. When you place your order for necklaces, earrings, bracelets or rings, remember to include an order for gift boxes. You want your customers to be able to present the jewelry they purchase from you in attractive packages. Our boxes make good presentations of every piece of jewelry we sell.

We have several styles of jewelry gift boxes from which to choose. At our low wholesale pricing, you can certainly afford to include a box with every purchase. For rings, we have velvet-lined boxes that are not only beautiful to look at, but also provide a safe place to store your fashion rings away from the elements. Ring gift boxes are available in several colors.

Attractive Wholesale Jewelry Gift Boxes

Gift boxes for bracelets are available at our competitively low wholesale prices. Your choice of narrow, flat bracelet gift boxes includes several colors, with some available in velvet for the protection of your customer's investment. Our bracelet gift boxes weigh between 38 and 120 grams, depending on the material. In addition to the narrow, flat design, we have square designs, formed to keep the bracelets secure.

Whether you need individual or multiple-ring displays or any other jewelry accessories, we are your wholesale supplier. Browse through our vast online store for all you need to supply your customers with the best fashion jewelry. We guarantee you'll be pleased with our products and services.

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