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When it comes to wholesale jewelry manufacturers, we at Alamode Fashion Jewelry have the experience and staff to be leaders in the industry. We started our production base more than 25 years ago in Taiwan. The demand for our products increased to the point that we had to move to larger facilities. In 1994, we began manufacturing jewelry in our new facility at Dong Guang, China. With a production staff of about 2,000, we continue to be among the highest-producing wholesale manufacturers in the world.

Staying in business as a manufacturer of wholesale jewelry requires a commitment to integrity, quality products and customer service. We have internal monitoring of all processes during the manufacture of jewelry for our online catalog. Our standards are high, and that means we are continually improving the process by which we design and create fashion jewelry.

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Our fashion jewelry is often worn in place of pieces made with genuine or precious stones. We use quality cubic zirconia and Top Grade crystal for the majority of the stones in our inventory. Some of our stones are set in prongs and others are glued in during the manufacturing process. Either way, all of our wholesale jewelry is handmade by craftsmen dedicated to producing a quality product for you to offer your customers.

We at Alamode Fashion Jewelry have a production output of about 500,000 pieces per month to meet the demands for wholesale jewelry. If you are not one of our clients, fill out the brief application and start enjoying the benefits of purchasing your inventory from us. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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