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Wholesale Jewelry Online

One of the hardest decisions to make as a retailer is where to buy wholesale jewelry online, with the assurance that the product is a good investment. Every business owner of a resale shop, regardless of the size, must have a good profit margin in order to stay afloat. With such a variance in wholesale prices, it is necessary to carefully evaluate exactly what type of product you're getting for every dollar you spend.

At Alamode Fashion Jewelry, we offer a combination of wholesale pricing and volume discounts. In other words, the more you buy, the greater your overall savings. If you are a small-business owner, you can order as few as six pieces of any style, with a minimum order of only $200USD if you live in the United States. International orders must be at least $500USD. Volume discounts are in increments of five to 25 percent.

Quality Wholesale Jewelry Online for Your Business

Online shopping for jewelry can be risky if you don't trust the wholesaler. We have a long-standing reputation for producing quality fashion jewelry for clients around the world. Our volume of business alone puts us at the top of online wholesalers. We produce about 500,000 pieces of jewelry every month, and we have about 10,000 designs from which to choose.

You need look no further for quality, trustworthy online shopping. You've found us at Alamode Fashion Jewelry. Our customer-service department has received high ratings for providing excellent support to our clients. To get started with your shopping, just fill out the convenient online application and provide a valid resale license.

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