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These days, much of the retail business involves finding the latest fashion jewelry, bags and other accessories. People go shopping year-round, and one of the most practical ways to achieve new looks is to bypass the pricey racks and go straight for the jewelry bins at the front of the store. Here at Alamode Fashion Jewelry, we understand the appeal, which is why we have been creating trendy, handmade pieces for over 25 years.

Our approach to fashion jewelry is somewhat different from the other major wholesalers in this industry. Unlike some manufacturers that stick with the same designs year after year, Alamode Fashion Jewelry emphasizes the latest trends and the hottest looks with each new season. The result is merchandise that speaks to a fashion-forward clientele--and grows your business in the process.

The Finest, Latest Fashion Jewelry

A great advantage of buying the latest fashion jewelry with us is that the entire process is integrated from top to bottom. Our pieces are made by artisans we employ, and the designers work directly with them to achieve the perfect look. Look around the site, and you can see our deep commitment to quality in every clasp, stone, link and setting we sell.

If you are a retailer looking to bring in repeat traffic on a daily basis, it is essential to arm yourself with the very latest looks. Browse this site and check out the full selection of fashion jewelry we offer our valued clients. You may wonder why you ever went anywhere else!

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