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Wholesale Silver Rings

With thousands of wholesale silver rings available in our online wholesale catalog, we at Alamode Fashion Jewelry have what you need to give your customers choice selections for every occasion. We have solitaires set in 925 sterling silver, with stone colors that include smoky quartz, garnet, clear, amethyst, champagne and aquamarine. Some of our rings are created with multi-colored stones.

We use rhodium for plating on many of our silver rings. Instead of cutting costs like many wholesalers, we use rhodium that is made with high-quality German ingredients to make our plating endure longer than versions manufactured with rhodium substitutes. We give clients like you a quality product that will attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

Fill Your Displays with Wholesale Silver Rings

Another type of stone we use in our wholesale silver rings is a nature stone. These stones may differ from one ring to another, since they come from nature. We strive to create rings with nature stones as near the same color as possible, but they may differ slightly from the hues in the pictures. Choices in stone colors include black, clear, garnet, light amethyst, aquamarine and rose. Some of our silver rings have multi-color stones, created by grouping together complementary colors for dazzling pieces of jewelry.

With our expertise and many years as a wholesale supplier, we know how to manufacture a product that your customers want. Our product line is continually updating to stay current with trends while producing quality fashion jewelry. Take advantage of our wholesale supply of silver rings and take your business to the next level.

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