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Wholesale Stone Jewelry

Our wholesale stone jewelry at Alamode Fashion Jewelry includes some of the most brilliant colors you will find from any online catalog. We offer our clients a variety of stone types from which to choose, so our clients can provide their customers with jewelry for any lifestyle and taste. For instance, we have black-colored synthetic stones that make antiqued-tone plating over 925 sterling silver an eye-catcher for any evening event.

For casual or semi-casual daytime wear, we have thousands of stone jewelry pieces in cubic zirconia and Top Grade crystal. The choices include imitations of almost any precious stone, such as diamond, ruby, emerald, garnet and amethyst. As a retailer, you can fill your display cases with samples of every type of stone in our wholesale catalog.

Find Quality Wholesale Stone Jewelry at Alamode Fashion Jewelry

Our wholesale pricing is set to give you the biggest markup margin possible. We provide high-quality fashion jewelry that has a proven record of customer satisfaction. The main reason we have been able to stay in business for almost three decades is that we don't compromise the quality of our product to reduce the cost. Some wholesalers cut corners by using substandard metals and platings, but we use quality materials that will give years of wear when cared for properly.

Browse through the thousands of jewelry items in our online store. You will recognize the beauty that will please the customers in your business. Register with us as a licensed business and check out our wholesale pricing. The more you order, the greater the volume discount you will receive.

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