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Flash Gold Epoxy Bangle Flash Gold Epoxy Bangle
Wholesale Flash Gold Epoxy Bangle
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 - Retail Value: US$25.20

Wholesale White Metal Bangle Flash Gold Women Epoxy

US$4.20 / Pcs
Size 7.00"
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Product Details

  • Category:Bangle
  • Gender:Women
  • Material:White Metal
  • White Metal is any alloy that is light-colored, and is used especially as a base for plated silverware, ornaments and jewelry. Some of the metals used to create this alloy are antimony, tin, lead, cadmium, bismuth and zinc. Not all of these metals are found in all white metal alloys, but are combined to achieve a desired need, such as being able to be casted and polished.

  • Plating:Flash Gold
  • Single Tone is when a piece of jewelry has only one type/color of plating.

  • Center Stone Type:Epoxy
  • No Stone is when the jewelry piece does not have inlaid stones.

  • Weight(approx):48.50(g)