Alamode Fashion Jewelry Wholesaler
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About Alamode Fashion Jewelry Wholesaler

Brief History

Mike Tsao, President of Alamode Fashion Jewelry Company, started the family owned business in 1980. Before becoming the most recognized wholesale fashion jewelry distributor in the market, Alamode started by exhibiting at local trade shows and flea markets in the area as a three-man operation and gradually introduced their products to the market.

Now, for more than two decades, Alamode Fashion Jewelry has offered the highest quality wholesale fashion jewelry and exceptional customer service to retailers and businesses around the world. With the support from their associate jewelry factory in China, Alamode Fashion Jewelry has kept growing and expanding over the years to become the largest manufacturer and distributor of fashion jewelry.

Age of the Internet

During the internet boom, Alamode Fashion Jewelry launched its first informational website in 1997 and became the virtual world pioneer of the wholesale jewelry industry. Later in 2001, Alamode Fashion Jewelry lauched its eCommerce website to bring Alamode to the next level by adding the shopping cart technology, making history in the wholesale jewelry industry once again. Today, Alamode Fashion Jewelry owns the most user-friendly website in the market.

Quality You Can Trust

Our associate factory in China has the most advanced assembly line in the market. We are able to produce over one million units of high quality jewelry per month. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with every piece of the jewelry you purchase.