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Beginner's Guide

Customize Products

Before selecting the customization option, make sure you are logged in to your Alamodeonline account. If you would like more information on our customization policies, please check our DNAlamode Custom Made.

  1. The customize icon will appear on products that can be customized. To browse through all customizable products, click on DNA Personalization under the Trending tab on the home page.
  2. Select Customize Products
  3. All the items that are customizable on our website will then appear as shown below:
  4. Customize Products
  5. Select the product you would like to customize. Click the “Customize” button as shown below:
  6. Product Detail
  7. Customizable options can then be selected. Please choose your plating, stone color and/or laser engraving preferences. Varying prices based on the selected options. (*Note: Options for each product may vary. The product image shown is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.)
  8. Select Material
  9. After selecting your preferences, enter the quantities for each size underneath. Click “Add to Cart” and continue shopping for other in-stock items. (*Note: Minimum order quantity of 1 piece per style. Discounts on orders over 24 pieces.)
  10. Estimated Price
  11. To proceed to checkout, click on “Check Out” instead, and it will direct you to your cart where you can confirm your purchases.
  12. Enter the quantities for each size