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Exclusive Feature

The most prominent of all the Alamode product selections is the collection completely made of TK316 stainless steel. In 2011, we debuted TUSK collection, and later offered its extensive collections, TUSK for Men and TUSK Color. In 2017, a brand-new collection called DAVANO was introduced to all those female customers who are looking for cost-effective, durable, dainty and timeless elegance. These TK316 family collections are created in accordance with the diverse customers. We use the highest quality 316 stainless steel for our products. Not only is it hypo-allergenic jewelry beautiful, it also has these features below that make them appealing:

  1. Heavy gauge-welded components, widely used in medical, surgery, kitchen, even jewelry
  2. Resistant to rust, even greater resistance to harsh corrosives because of the 2-3% molybdenum contents
  3. Durable and will not be easily scratched, stained, dulled or deformed
  4. Bright, shiny, tough, and affordable
  5. Quite easy to clean and maintain
  6. Environmentally-friendly manufacturing process
  7. Passed nickel release test
  8. Uses vacuum/ion plating, an eco-friendly finishing method

With such a large selection of stainless steel jewelry here at, it will be difficult not to find something that you like!