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Shopping FAQ

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Gemstone Questions

  • Where does your company purchase your stones?
  • How come the stone color of the products look different from the ones I purchased previously?
  • I am worried that the stones may fall off. Do your products have this problem? (How is the quality of your products?)
  • What are the dimensions in millimeters of your smallest stone size?
Material Questions

  • What types of alloy does your company use?
  • What does '925' mean in '925 sterling silver'?
  • Why should I buy stainless steel (Tusk 316) products?
  • On your stainless steel products, there are '316' engraved on the inside of the rings. What does '316' mean and why is it magnetic? How is it different from 316L?
  • What is epoxy?
Electroplating Questions

  • What is rhodium plating?
  • What is gold ion plating or IP Gold (PVD)?
  • How thick is your plating in terms of microns?
  • Does your plating tarnish? How long does it last?
  • Some of my customers are allergic to nickel. Do you provide low nickel/nickel-free jewelry?