About Us

About Us

AlamodeOnline.com is your one-stop online fashion jewelry wholesaling destination based in California. We offer a wide range of women's and men's trendy fashion jewelry and accessories including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, cufflinks, money clips and more at marketable wholesale prices. You can trust our quality and we believe you will enjoy the best online shopping experience working with us! 

What's more, AlamodeOnline.com helps start businesses for beginners. Our low MOQ policy is considerate towards small businesses, and ordering and importing customers, so that they do not have to worry about overstock. As our customer, you will be offered exceptional services, products, fundamental marketing and industry knowledge. We will also assist you as a retailer in product advertising and selling.

We also introduce a new feature of Drop Shipping Service to provide a special service to those who sell via Facebook, social media, etc.  Please contact us at service@alamodeonline.com to learn more.

Corporate Responsibility

While we commit to provide the best-quality products and service to our clients, Alamode acts responsibly in all areas of business including product, employment, and environment in regard to compliance with existing standards. This is why many of our clients chose us as their business partner for years, as we create our products in an ethical manner, provide a friendly workplace for our employees, and reduce the destruction of our living environment.


We adhere to quality standards and legal requirements of product quality and safety. We only work with the suppliers who have honest business behaviors and meet all regular and higher standards of human and labor rights, fair treatment, safe working conditions, and environmental impact.

As such, we ensure our suppliers that they follow the same principles as we do. For additional information about our standards for suppliers, see the Supplier Code of Conduct.


The foundation of our corporate culture is based on equality and sustainability. We ensure our employees are pleased and passionately engaged in a healthy, safe, respectful, supportive, positive, and diverse working environment. Alamode will not allow child labor, harassment, abuse, or any unreasonable treatment and illegal activity in our organization and request our business partners to fully cooperate with these standards. We will ensure that employees are paid with due regard to industry standards and at least according to the applicable legal minimum wage, and their normal working hours comply with national legislation. At Alamode, we help and encourage our employees develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for continued success.


Different from most wholesalers doing business the traditional way, we have created this online wholesaling platform for our clients to browse through products and place orders instead of offering paper catalogues. More importantly, we ensure and require our suppliers not to use harmful chemicals or substances that may potentially threaten the health of our employees, our consumers, or the environment.

Exclusive to Alamode

The most prominent of all the Alamode product selections is the collection completely made of TK316 stainless steel. In 2011, we debuted TUSK collection, and later offered its extensive collections, TUSK for Men and TUSK Color. In 2017, a brand-new collection called DAVANO was introduced to all those female customers who are looking for cost-effective, durable, dainty and timeless elegance. These TK316 family collections are created in accordance with the diverse customers. We use the highest quality 316 stainless steel for our products. Not only is the hypo-allergenic jewelry beautiful, it also has these features below that make them appealing:

  1. Heavy gauge-welded components, widely used in medical, surgery, kitchen, even jewelry
  2. Resistant to rust, even greater resistance to harsh corrosives because of the 2-3% molybdenum contents
  3. Durable and will not be easily scratched, stained, dulled or deformed
  4. Bright, shiny, tough, and affordable
  5. Quite easy to clean and maintain
  6. Environmentally-friendly manufacturing process
  7. Passed nickel release test
  8. Uses vacuum/ion plating, an eco-friendly finishing method

Read more about our TK316 jewelry here. 

With such a large selection of stainless steel jewelry here at Alamodeonline.com, it will be difficult not to find something that you like!

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