TK316 Introduction


TK316 Introduction 

tk316_resistant to rust
tk316_easy to clean
tk316_affordable price


Resistant to Rust

Easy to Clean

Affordable Price

Why choose stainless steel?

Stainless steel jewelry has been becoming a hit in the fashion jewelry industry with its durability, low price, and surprising look of quality as well as the brightness equal to sterling silver and platinum. It is extremely resistant to rust, scratching, corrosion and tarnish, and is therefore often used in various industries. We are truly proud of our TUSK 316 stainless steel jewelry collection, in which we use the highest quality jewelry-grade TK316 stainless steel as a trademark compared to other normal stainless steel jewelry product on the market. After years of wear and tear, they will still look fantastic and brilliant!

Sustainable Jewelry?

Our TK316 product line is an eco-friendly option for green jewelry, which is reusable and recyclable to minimize negative impact on the environment. On top of that, it generates considerably less waste and uses less energy than other metals during its production. While stainless steel jewelry contains nickel and other elements that help with corrosion resistance, they are nonetheless hypoallergenic. What ’s more,you won’t have to worry about our stainless steel products; they have all successfully passed the nickel release test.

A Layer of Long-Lasting Protection

For TK316 products, we use highly advanced vacuum/ion plating techniques normally used in the watch, electronic and space industries instead of galvanic plating. The silver-colored TK316 in contrast to other dull stainless steel jewelry on the market is mirror polished using a special treatment to create a luminous glow equal to platinum. One great advantage of ion plating is environmental consciousness as it avoids chemical solutions, and therefore making its finished products irritation-free.This plating ensures the wearers can spend a long time together with their TK316 jewelry.




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